• The Dr. Tommy Show Podcast

    We’re excited to share Dr. Griffin’s first podcast on the Tommy McElroy, MD Show where he discusses his backstory of working in a traditional family practice with thousands of patients to starting his private, direct-primary care practice in South Tampa. Fast forward to 39:40 if you want to hear specifically about the No Sugar, No […]

    Hormone Replacement Therapy News

    Public Release: 8-Mar-2017, shared from EurekAlert! Hormone replacement therapy associated with lower mortality Therapy also linked with less plaque buildup in the heart’s arteries American College of Cardiology Women using hormone replacement therapy to relieve the symptoms of menopause faced a lower risk of death and showed lower levels of atherosclerosis, or plaque buildup in the […]

    Meet Aliza: Finance & Operations Specialist

    “Each person at Griffin Concierge Medical is knowledgeable, kind, responsible and motivated to make each patient’s experience flawless. I’m so proud to be a member of this excellent group of people.” Since joining Griffin Concierge Medical in May of 2016, I have been assisting the business side of the practice. I help to manage accounting, […]

    Bone Broth: Try Dr. Griffin’s latest, late-night snack.

    It may be seem trendy, but people have been touting the healing properties of bone broth for ages. Bone broth, a simple combination of bones, vegetables and water that simmers for hours, is said to protect the joints, heal the gut, boost immunity and leave skin radiant. Enjoy a hot mug of bone broth as […]

    Introducing: 5mRx – Five Minute Pharmacy

    Introducing 5mRx – Five Minute Pharmacy! With this incredible new service, we are able to fill certain prescriptions right here in the office so you leave with medication in-hand. No more making an additional stop to wait in pharmacy lines when you aren’t feeling well! How Does It Work? Our office is now equipped with […]

    No Sugar, No Starch

    The diet our patients are using to lose weight and defeat chronic disease. When Bonnie joined Griffin Concierge Medical, she was overweight and diabetic. She was also motivated to become more physically fit. That’s when Dr. Radley Griffin shared the “No Sugar, No Starch” diet developed by Eric Westman, M.D., at Duke University. Fast forward […]

    Meet Our New Nurse

    “The little things make the difference between good care and great care. Really getting to know patients as individuals, rather than just patients on paper, leads to exceptional care.” Trisha Managad-Flores, a Licensed Practical Nurse, started with us on August 10 and is assisting Dr. Debbie St. Clair and Physician Assistant Mary Katherine Charles and their […]

    B12 and the Brain

    When indicated, members of our practice receive complimentary B12 shots, which experts say may improve energy and mood, among other health benefits. Check out this recent article in the NY Times to learn more about how B12 may improve brain function: The NY Times: Vitamin B12 as Protection for the Aging Brain If you would […]

    Tracking Your Progress: InBody Technology

    What is InBody? Developed in the early 1990s at Harvard Medical School, the FDA-approved InBody scale allows us to measure body composition—a more accurate measure of health and predictor of health risks compared to the traditional body-mass index (BMI). How does it work? The InBody technology works by an electrical current to measure levels of muscle and fat […]

    Survey Says: Patients Are Frustrated With Traditional Primary Care

    A national survey reveals that patients are frustrated with traditional primary care: 31% complained that they spend more time in the waiting room than with their doctor. 30% had to call their doctor’s office for test results 23% say their doctor isn’t available when they have a medical need. Many feel their provider doesn’t really […]